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Welcome to Nigeria – We are people passionate about our great country Nigeria. We vouch to die for her; to defend her unity and uphold her honour and glory: we charge ourselves to go the extra mile to get her gold even if it's in the belly of a Dragon in the middle of the mediterranean sea or in the icy slope of the northern pole. She is the reason we are Nigerians, the reason we stoop to make cognitive thinking and ensure positive change regardless of oddities. We are Nigerians, African blood runs through our veins. It is Positive Change and Compelling Creativity with Oleadszamani

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 I must proof my love for the land of green white green

It stood for peace and unity in diversity.

I will be ready to make that sacrifice – she is the reason I soar in height.

And I so much cherish her psyche.

Nigeria beholds every drop of greatness, she is truly a mother.

Every other siblings of hers always rehearse her impact,

A darling of the world, an epitome of all things African!

A humble delectable queen so beautiful and gorgeous,

Always ready to lay down all she had for fruition.

Here is my toast in honor of her pride.

I shall remain a soldier man whose rifle is his life.

My country is my life!

Do you agree and if not, I know pretty much,

You would do anything for what you cherish so much.

My quandary since post independence regimes,

What shall we do to make her breath without pining?

So, what is more to grace with creed?

What is worth more for me to brave?

She was molested and raped, mistaken for a slut to decay!

My country of octogenarian and great sages,

Endowed with legendary topography and lushly landscape.

And there she goes stooping so low. 

The land of diverse value with fanciful show.

Alas, her heritage depicted like a caricature in cartoons.

Whence, like a hunter in the jungle,

Here is my gun shot salute.

She is Ajanaku the hunters bride and fisherman’s pride!


Africa is all that matters to her.

An honored brothers keeper home and abroad.

Whilst her chest, the rest look on for fruition

She never waiver except for some stewards at home front

They spurn anarchy with demeaning hope and return!

Scheming and squabbling for the game of throne – creating vacuum;

Living in cluster singing a doomsday tune;

Dancing a wild fired dance in trounce;


That they be rich and pocketful till infinity!

They hope that governed should go down to the bottomless pit;

Marvels at peoples wretchedness amidst hunger, poverty and diseases;

It makes a pervert of them all,

Whence, they swore oath of allegiance but rain attenuation!

What is more left for the masses to live on, nothing more.

The people simply pride themselves in the tales and fables of past heroes!

That their dreams, hopes and aspirations remain plain like a dove.

Don’t mock me for threading this path, even though there seem to be no hope;

The land of evergreen white green-land is all I have,

She must not go down sheepishly – she makes me proud.

Just like my color, I must remain proud!

Great days Nigeria, great days to come – I love my fatherland!

What about you reading this piece my brothers and sisters?


© 2013 Hussein ab Oladele All Rights Reserved